Organisation Structure

Our Organisation Structure

Our Organization Structure


Business Liaison Committee (Chaired by Dr. Koh Poh Koon)

The committee establishes and reviews the rules and regulations governing commercial premises, shops and hawkers' operation, including the levy for user charges and deposits. In addition, it seeks to foster social responsibility, participation and feedback from the business community projects, campaigns and dialogue sessions.

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Publicity & Outreach Committee (Chaired by Mr. Darryl David)

The Publicity & Outreach Committee (POC) provides a link with the residents and cultivates residents' participation and support of the Town Council's activities and policies. It also promotes the image of the Town Council.

Supported by our Community Liaison Team (CLT), it is responsible for all outreach activities such as school activities. CLT reviews and refers needy cases to CDC, FSC and VWOs for appropriate assistance.

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Finance Management Committee (Chaired by Mr. Lim Lee Meng, PBM)

The committee is responsible for the Town Council's budget and reviews the financial performance of the Town Council, including arrears and investments.

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Estate Maintenance Committee (Chaired by Mr. Gan Thiam Poh)

The committee reviews and recommends methods for the efficient maintenance of the estates. It also sets up policies and procedures for the control and use of void decks, open spaces and other common properties, including the levy of user charges and deposits. In addition, it monitors the estate management key performance indicators and also proposes measures to improve the technical performance standards.

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Project Development Committee (Chaired by Dr. Intan Azura Moktar)

The committee assesses and implements requests for additional amenities and facilities, and is responsible for the long-term physical development of the town and makes recommendations regarding the amenities and other improvement works.

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