Ang Mo Kio Town Council

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sinking Fund?

Sinking Fund is the fund set aside to meet Town Council expenses or liabilities in relation to cyclical maintenance works. Types of Sinking Fund expenditures include repainting and redecoration projects, electrical rewiring, reroofing, co-payment of Town Council Lift Upgrading Programme (up to 95% paid by the Town Council), replacement of water pipes, replacement of refuse handling equipment and replacement of water and booster pump sets. These are longer term works which are carried out at intervals ranging from 7 to 28 years.

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2. What is the percentage of the S&CC that goes into the Sinking Fund?

It is required by law to set aside 30% to 35% of the Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) to the Sinking Fund.

The bulk of the S&CC charges, 65%, will be used for routine maintenance works such as cleaning, horticulture maintenance, grasscutting, lift servicing, minor lift repair, water pump servicing, minor water pump repair, utility charges, replacement of lamps and light tubes,etc.

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3. Can we view the Town Council's financial statements?

The Town Council Annual Report can be read here.

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